About Me

Hello! Welcome to a place where geology and
anything outdoorsy gets a visiual voice!


My name is Hannah Peterson, I grew up as a military child and hopped coastlines and U.S. territories. I ended up back in my family’s hometown of Portland, Oregon in 2015. With my intro to web-design experience in high school at the Advanced Technology Center in Virginia Beach, I came to Portland State University with a desire to pursue Graphic Design. I stumbled into my passion for Geology while completing core credits at Clackamas Community College to transfer to PSU. I am currently a senior in the PSU.GD program eager to graduate at the end of summer 2020. My ideal job would be to work on branding, publication, and illustration projects in the outdoor industry. 

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Design Interests

Outdoor Branding
Publication Design
Other Hobbies + Interests I have

Film Photography
Ceramics + Pottery
Playing with dogs
Classic Rock
Baking deserts