Something you will learn quickly about me is that I am passionate about Geology. Geology is a subject that I sort of just fell into while completing my core studies in college. I feel as if I would have started my education over, I may have pursued volcanology as a career field. However, my passion for art + design prevaled and I decided to pursue a Minor in Geology. I have traveled on multiple geology related road trips in the past couple of years. During the summer of 2018, my partner and I took a road trip to Wyoming to camp in Yellowstone National Park. Yellowstone is a volcanic region, so as you could imagine, I was ecstatic that I was there for a whole week. It was a magical experience and it has found its way into my school projects more times than I can count. (including this project.) After being inspired by my trip, I knew that I wanted to highlight the land of Wyoming and get more people tuned into its unique geology. Creating a magazine publication was the most successful way to communicate the information displayed for the task that was at hand. The title Wildland for the overall magazine came from the various wild terrains that we have in North America. The magazine currently contains a curation of recent articles separated by their topics. The different topic sections include: history of the state + background, wildlife, recreation, travel, and parks. All articles relate back to the magazine's core message, Wyoming geology. Plus! Information on how to see the landmarks discussed and the gear you’ll need to do so!  The art direction I went with to display the articles about Wyoming was strongly influenced by Government Park System publications from the 1930-1940’s with a modern refresh by the use of typography. Overall, the magazine came out the way I had envisioned which makes me beyond happy. I am really proud of my first full publication. With that being said, I do not disagree that it could be improved, because it absolutely could be. There is always an opportunity to make a project better. In the future, I imagine this being an ongoing project of mine with multiple issues featuring different states and places all under the name of Wildland.

I am open to constructive criticism! How can I make this publication better based on my goals?
I would love to hear your thoughts or comments.


Contributors + Mentors —

Amy Sly 

Brief —

PSU GD — Design a printed magazine with cover, multiple articles, and a feature story. These will be turned in as both print and mocked up digital forms (choice of web or iOS).