Heart of the Mountain


When I go camping, hiking, traveling, or even fishing I’ll usually come home and add those places to my sketchbook based on my experiences. Not until recently, some of my drawings are inspired by my field studies while earning my geology minor. The finished illustrations made it to a branded instagram feed that was posted nearly every day of 2018 and a little so on here and there. I intended the brand to feel humanistic and friendly and black and white to feel minimalist. Eventually the illustrations made it on various goods such as t-shirts and tote bags on Etsy. The brand also made a small appearance at PSUGD’s GOODmarket; it is a student program to give students the opportunity to sell their own work. At GOODmarket there were limited art prints, stickers, and notebooks. I look forward to being able to pick this passion project up again as a possible business if it were to become strong enough in followers.

I am open to constructive criticism! How can I make this better to be a functional brand or business?
I would love to hear your thoughts or comments.


Contributors + Mentors —

Becky Dawson — One Lane Road
Michele Peterson — Michele Peterson Designs

Brief —

Passion Project! — Branding made for my personal vector art + illustrations. Pieces are inspired by places I have traveled to, and daily things I use + need on my adventures!

Etsy —
Heart of the Mountain

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