Field Journal

This project was my thesis in college. I personally love volcanology and want others to experience it too in a friendly way! This guide/journal features and introduction to how to see Mt St. Helens from a Geology perspective. All you need to do is hike and read this guide! You'll notice while journaling you will also see opportunities to learn further knowlege about the magical world of volcanoes and the Pacific North West. I personally, had the most fun making this topic approachable and friendly with the color, type, and illustration style. I landed on this color scheme because it was successful on grabbing the eye — like, "Hey!! Pick me up! Time to go outside! (Especially important these days with COVID-19) My favorite element is potentially the texture I collaged together by placing my own collection of obsidian, which is volcanic glass, from Bend, Oregon on my paper scanner.  

I am open to constructive criticism! How can I make this journal better based on my goals? I would love to hear your thoughts or comments, please positivity only!
Contributors + Mentors —

Roz Crews
Meredith James

Brief —

PSU GD — Research a topic of choice for 10 weeks then produce a product from that 10 weeks of self conducted or guided research.