Into the Impossible


As a dual tone RISO project, I was tasked to “explain something” by Rory Philips. He had a ton of prompts to chose from and this one popped out to me — into the impossible. It jumped out because it flooded me with tons of different ways of interpreting it. I played around with several different paradoxes that deemed impossible to me. One, was living death, the idea that their would be a city of skeletons. Another was a water-being living in the driest part of the planet (How do we know its our planet?? How’s that possible?) and another was being able walk to mars or even having a floating island. My sketches for the floating island had the most successful composition!

I am open to constructive criticism! How can I make this illustration better based on my goals? I would love to hear your thoughts or comments.
Contributors + Mentors —

Rory Phillips

Brief —

PSU GD — “Explain Something” Explain a metaphor or saying by illustration by using little to no text.