National Park Timeline


A personal goal of mine is to visit all of the National Parks of the United States! I wanted to use this project as a way for myself to keep track of my park bucket list and check out their specs! Above is the map of the United States with the location of each National Park highlighted and labeled by the number in which the order that they were nationally established. Other data included in the bottom portion of the poster included: the state the park was in, exact year of establishment, number of acres, and the numbers of tourists in 2017.

I am open to constructive criticism! How could I improve the eye flow of this poster? I would love to hear your thoughts or comments.

Contributors + Mentors —

Stephen Lee

Brief —

PSU GD — Create a timeline with the following criteria and features: 1) Demonstrates a conceptual purpose and objective based on a specific topic. 2) Visualizes 4 types of time-series and/or data sets.